Troy Lee Designs


At Troy Lee Designs, we firmly believe in the power of design and technology.

Every day, our athletes get out there and put it all on the line. We strive to provide them with products that withstand the rigors of professional racing. Products with intelligent features that allow them to perform at their best.

Troy Lee Designs takes great pride in the products we design and develop, replacing conventional ideas with out-of-the-box thinking. By addressing the demands of professional racers, we can deliver innovation to everyone.

Creating products that innovate and lead the market requires a different way of thinking.

Our approach to solving problems is unique. We challenge conventions by turning problems upside-down to achieve advancements that are more intelligent. Our solutions, while sometimes complicated from an engineering standpoint, are designed to be simple, thoughtful and relevant. And of course, to stand out in a crowd.

The end result is a line of products that help you stay focused on your activity, and look great doing it. We have thought about your equipment, so you don’t have to.

The conception of new and improved products happens through extensive research and development.

New product development is a proactive process by which dedicated resources are allocated to identify market changes and seize upon new product opportunities before they occur.

Basic science must exist to support a product’s viability. And if the science is lacking, it must be discovered or invented.

Safety is at the forefront of developing protective equipment.

Troy Lee Designs has exclusively developed several new safety features into some of our helmets, starting with the D3.

Dual Density Shock Pad System
With the debut of the revolutionary D3 Action Sports Helmet, Troy Lee Designs has introduced an important advancement in impact management the exclusive Troy Lee Designs Dual Density Shock Pad System.

Technology is a vital aspect of the product development process.

Technology refers to the usage and knowledge of tools, techniques or systems, and affects human ability to control and adapt to natural environments. At Troy Lee Designs, we utilize the latest, most comprehensive and proven technologies at our disposal. Our designers rely on technology as their most valuable tool in turning their visions into reality.

By nurturing this relationship between designers and vendors, we create an environment without limits, where one pushes the other to a higher level of success. The result is a line of products that consistently improves over time